Del Mar Garage Door Repair

Elite Door Systems is Del Mar’s preferred garage door repair and installation service provider for the beautiful city by the sea. Del Mar has one of the most desirable climates in the world and is home to the Torrey Pines. These amazing trees are endangered and only grows in a few locations. These beautiful trees are a true rarity but you probably didn’t come to this page you are probably more interested in a Del Mar garage door repair estimate.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service and get your garage door system running optimally as quickly as possible. Our flexible scheduling focuses on your convenience and our highly trained garage door repair technicians in Del Mar are the best in the business.

Del Mar garage door repair

No matter what your Del Mar garage door repair needs are, Elite Door Systems is here to help. We specialize in garage door spring repairs, but are happy to help with easy fixes, such as oiling squeaky parts.

Del Mar Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are a vital part of every garage door system. These high-tension springs support the weight of your garage door, making it light enough for the garage door opener to safely open and close the garage door. Garage door springs are not only the most important part of a garage door they are also the most dangerous part. It takes a powerful spring to do the job. Garage door springs are not only strong; they withstand the incredible amount of tension that comes from supporting as much as 200 pounds of garage door. When these components start to wear out, the danger increases significantly.

Worn garage door springs will eventually break if they aren’t replaced. Your garage door springs don’t care what you had planned when they decide to fail.  If your garage door spring breaks while the garage door is open, all of the weight of the door is suddenly unsupported. The result is a garage door that comes crashing down on whatever or whoever is under it.

It’s bad enough to think that could be your vehicle. The damage would be very expensive. It’s even worse, though, to think that it could be you or your children. The injuries sustained from such an accident could be extremely serious.

Murphy’s Law & Your Garage Door

Ever heard of Murphy’s Law?  “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”  Besides the possibility of serious injury the day your garage door springs fail and trap you in the garage or worse will be the day you have an important job interview, presentation, or meeting.  It will be the day you are running late to get your kids to their piano or dance recital.  How about the day your child is in the championship game and catches the winning touchdown, shoots the winning basket, or scores the winning run? You miss it because you didn’t schedule a free inspection and estimate from Elite Door Systems.

Call Elite Door Systems Today

Call Elite Door Systems out to your Del Mar home or business today for an annual inspection and free estimate for any Del Mar garage door repair or replacement.  With proper annual maintenance we will be able to either increase the life expectancy by making some small adjustments or replace them before something catastrophic happens.  Either way it’s a win for you.  Garage door maintenance and early prevention can help you avoid costly inconvenient garage door repairs.

Our Del Mar garage door repair appointment scheduling is focused on your convenience and our goal is keeping you and your property safe. Del Mar residents call us to schedule a free garage door repair estimate and inspection today!