Garage Door Repair Rancho Santa Fe

Elite Door Systems happily provides service to “The Ranch”. We love working in this unique SoCal city. The climate is typical of the area, but Rancho Santa Fe is one of the few locales in SoCal to see snow. The last snowfall took place in 2011.

Despite the uniqueness of Rancho Santa Fe, we get calls about failed garage door systems all the time. Some of the issues are quick fixes, involving a short visit from one of our professional, highly trained technicians. Other issues are a lot more involved.

Elite Door Systems specializes in repairing garage door springs. These are important, but dangerous, components of any garage door system. Some garage doors weigh upwards of 200 pounds, depending on the materials from which they’re made. Garage door springs support that weight and make opening and closing the garage door possible. Without garage door springs, you’d need several times the power of the average garage door opener to get the job done.

As you can imagine, these springs are under a tremendous amount of tension. When they break, as they sometimes do, the stored energy released is enormous and very dangerous. Garage door springs are like the world’s largest rubber bands and we all know how much it hurts getting snapped by a broken rubber band.

The possible damage from a broken garage door spring is orders of magnitude greater. Serious injuries can result, as well as expensive property damage.

The only solution for a broken garage door spring is installing a new one. This is definitely not a DIY job! It takes special tools and training to safely install a garage door spring. If the spring were to come loose during installation, there is the same risk of damage as if it had broken.

If you’re having issues with your garage door spring, stay safe and call Elite Door Systems.