Escondido Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Repair in Escondido

These powerful components are like the spine of your garage door system. The door springs support the weight of the door itself (often hundreds of pounds) and garage door springs enable the garage door opener to do its job. Without garage door springs, the drive in your garage door opener would have to be several times more powerful, which translates to more expensive.

As important as they are, when garage door springs fail, so does your garage door system. If you’re lucky, the door is closed and no one is around. However, they have been known to fail when the door is open. That is a catastrophe. The full weight of your garage door suddenly becomes free and unsupported when your garage door springs fail.

Imagine hundreds of pounds of garage door crashing down. It’s a frightening thought, isn’t it? Now, imagine that your car is parked under that door. Or worse yet, your kids or pets are playing nearby. The potential for personal and property damage is tremendous.

That’s where we at Elite Door Systems come into the picture. Garage door spring repairs are our specialty. We urge you to call us for an annual tune-up and preventative maintenance visit. We’ll be able to tell you if your garage door springs are wearing out and nearing failure so you can get them replaced before they reach that point.

Notice we didn’t say, “You can replace them.” This isn’t because we don’t think you’re good DIYers. Only qualified, experienced professionals should perform garage door spring repairs and replacements. The job requires special tools, too. Here at Elite Door Systems, we have the tools, the training & experience and access to the right parts. We can get the job done safely.

You’re our neighbors and friends. We don’t want to see you injured. Call us for an inspection today. We offer flexible scheduling and extremely competitive prices. Let us do the tough jobs for you.