Garage Door Hardware

spare parts and decorative hardware for your garage door

When you think about “garage door hardware,” do you think of your local hardware store? No? Good! Not all hardware is created equally and that is especially true when it comes to garage door hardware.

The hardware used in garage door systems is specially designed for that purpose. Sure, there are some pieces you may be able to get at the local hardware shop, but others just aren’t cut out for the job. Garage door hardware is rated to handle the multiple uses and, in the case of garage door spring hardware, the extreme tension under which the springs are held.

Garage door systems are designed as systems. All the components and pieces are meant to work together in the safest and smoothest manner possible. Of course, some of the bolts could be sourced anywhere, but not the tracks, hinges, rollers and torsion bars. That would be comparable to putting four mismatched tires on your vehicle. Sure, it’ll move down the road, but not without wobbling, tilting and a whole host of other problems.

The same thing happens with your garage door system. If the tracks are bent or mismatched, the door opens unevenly and in a jerky manner instead of smoothly. This also happens when your rollers are worn out. It’s even worse if the mismatched or subpar part is the torsion bar! Your system won’t work properly and it could potentially cause the spring to fail, which puts you in great danger.

The best and safest way to handle issues with your garage door hardware is to call a qualified professional. At Elite Door Systems, we have access to the right hardware for the job. Our highly trained, experienced technicians know exactly what to do and how to do it safely. We offer flexible scheduling and super competitive prices, too.

Elite Door Systems is here for all of your garage door system needs.

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