Garage Door Repair

the professionals at EDS can repair your door safely

Garage door repair is no simple task,

despite what the DIYers say on YouTube, etc. You risk injury and causing property damage if you try these repairs yourself. We’re not saying that you are incapable of DIY projects; we just want you to be safe and garage door repairs can be very dangerous if you’re not professionally trained.

First off, though it may not appear so, you’re garage door itself is quite heavy. It is much more weight than can safely be handled by one person. Then you have the garage door springs. These high-tension springs are what make the door appear to be so weightless when you engage your opener. The springs support the door’s weight and help the opener do its job.

There are two types of springs: torsion and tension. Cables connect the torsion spring to a torsion bar. These cables can break freeing the spring and causing a lot of damage. Extension springs are under the greatest tension when the garage door is closed. Broken extension springs can cause serious damage.

Our technicians are highly trained professionals who understand these systems inside and out. This enables them to do the job safely, without harm to you or your property. We provide free estimates and have incredibly competitive rates. You’ll spend far less with us than you would on medical or property repair expenses if anything were to go wrong while DIYing it.

At Elite Door Systems, we do not believe in the “upsell.” You will never be told you “need” something unless it is absolutely essential to the smooth and safe functioning of your garage door system. We just don’t believe “upselling” is a good way to treat our customers.

If all you need is a few bolts tightened, that’s all we’re going to do. If your system needs extensive repairs or even needs to be replaced, we’ll work to find solutions that best serve you and your budget. We do this all with your safety and satisfaction as our primary goal. Check out our garage door facts

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Our techs are highly trained to provide you with professional garage door solutions.
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