Garage Door Services

your trusted garage door repair & supply company

Elite Door Systems repairs and installs most makes and models of garage doors and openers.

We do it all from simple inspections, system tune-ups & maintenance to repairing every part of your garage door system, such as garage door springs. We also install completely new systems. We offer fast, reliable & professional service to San Diego and Southern Orange County.

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Spring Repair

Garage door springs are the most dangerous component of your system. They’re also on of the most important parts, too. We repair both torsion & extension type springs. This is one repair that should only be done by experienced professionals.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Openers are the unsung heroes of the garage door system; without them, you would have to get out of your vehicle to open the garage door. Garage door openers help you stay dry in the rain and keep you safe at night. We repair & install most types of garage door openers.

Garage Door Tune-Up

Your garage door system is made to run smoothly and effectively. Our garage door tune-ups are the perfect way to keep it going. The perfect companion to our garage door inspections, our garage door tune-ups give your system thorough preventative maintenance.

Garage Door Tune-Up

Your garage door system contains a lot of hardware. From tracks, rollers, torsion bars & hinges to simple bolts, the best way to keep your system safe and running smoothly is to use the proper hardware.

Spring Repacement

These springs are under incredible tension, making them dangerous to replace on your own. As with most things, they do eventually wear out. We inspect, repair and, in the case of snapped springs, replace them safely.

Garage Door Installation

Is your current garage door old, worn out and ready to be replaced? Does it match the new exterior home improvements you just finished? If not, it’s time for a new garage door. We install most makes and models.

Garage Door Inspection

Regular annual inspections are a great way to catch little issues before they become big problems. Making sure your system is in peak condition will ensure that it lasts much longer, works much better and saves you money.

Garage Door Keypad Systems

Garage door keypad systems provide you access to your garage in the event your remote control malfunctions. Simply input your private code to the keypad and the door opens. This is a great system if you have teenagers who constantly lose their house keys.

Garage Door Repair

While “Do It Yourself” or “DIY” projects are great ways to save money, garage door repair is an area that should be left to professionals. Garage doors can be heavy, making one-person repairs very dangerous. If the door isn’t hooked to the springs and falls, you could be seriously injured or your property damaged.

Opener Installation

You don’t have to continue opening and closing your garage door manually. It can be hard on your back and, if the weather’s bad, you’re drenched by the time you’re done. We install garage door openers for your existing door or a new system.

Garage Door Remotes

Do you have to get out of your vehicle to press the button to open your garage door? Wouldn’t you rather stay dry and safe when you come home in the rain or late at night? You can with a garage door remote control. We repair most makes and models.

Smart Opener Controls

Are you one of those that use your smartphone for everything? We have can help you turn your garage door into a smart system so you can operate it with your iphone or android phone.

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