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Oceanside is another great example of the diversity found in southern California. The beautiful city is home to the California Surf Museum and incredible beaches, as well as Oceanside Pier. The Pier is the longest wooden pier on the west coast at 1,942 feet. It was originally built in 1888 and is now on its sixth version. Oceanside is the third-largest city in San Diego County and good neighbors with Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

Elite Door Systems happily provides top-quality garage door installation and repair service to Oceanside. We may not have been around as long as Oceanside Pier, but we have been in business for over 18 years and Owner, Hector, in the industry even longer. We cannot beat the level of service and dedication offered by the Marine Corps (thank you all for your service!), but in garage door systems installation and repair, our service is the best available and our dedication is second to none. “I started Elite Door Systems because I was unhappy with the business practices and ethics of the garage door company at which I worked at the time”.

We handle all of your garage door system needs, repairing garage door remotes, from installing brand new systems to changing batteries. We also specialize in one dangerous aspect of the business: garage door spring repairs and installation.

Why is Garage Door Spring Repair in Oceanside so Dangerous?

What makes this particular repair so dangerous? Garage door springs hold the weight of your garage door, sometimes hundreds of pounds. In order to do this, your garage door springs are under incredible tension. You can think of your garage door springs as a Slinky® on steroids.

If you pull a Slinky® to its limit and let it go, it snaps back to its resting state. This snapback is not all that energetic and doesn’t pose much risk to you. If a garage door spring breaks or breaks free from its anchor points, it will also return to its resting state with a snapback. This snapback, however, is extremely energetic and can cause massive property or bodily damage.

We decided to specialize in garage door spring repairs because of this very danger. It’s a serious risk to those who don’t have the training, experience, tools and parts to do the job right. Most manufacturers will not sell the necessary items for garage door spring repairs to anyone other than qualified professionals because the danger is too great.

At Elite Door Systems, we have everything it takes to do the job right, quickly and safely. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced professionals equipped with the proper tools and manufacturer-provided parts. Your safety is our top priority.

We have very flexible appointment scheduling and extremely competitive prices. There are no hidden fees or “upselling” when you work with Elite Door Systems. The only thing we’ll ever sell you is what you need, guaranteed. We also offer annual inspections and preventative maintenance so we can address any issues before they become problems. Call us today for an appointment!