With the holidays here and vacations near, is your home vandal proof? Your garage door is the largest entryway into your home. Many professional robbers, crooks, thieves and the like, know that more often than not, the door leading into the garage is unlocked! Come on.. I’m guilty and I bet if you think about it, you are too! We’ve all left the door leading into the garage unlocked at one point. Thieves know this and will try to find ways to get into your garage for that one unlocked access point!

It’s time to think about your garage door system and how easy, or not, it is to get in. Not only does your garage door provide access into your home, but you may store valuables in your garage too!

Here are some ways of keeping your garage door from being broken into:

  1. First and foremost, don’t forget to shut your garage door! Many people are invaded during the night because someone forgets to shut the garage door.
  2. Don’t leave your garage door open partially and then leave your home. This is the perfect way for a robber to slip under, and in.
  3. If you’re going on vacation and you don’t have a “smart garage door system”, unplug your garage door opener. Be sure your garage door is down when you do this!
  4. Use your garage door opener’s lock switch, security feature when you go on vacation. This renders the remotes to operate your garage door inoperable. For LIftMaster (Chamberlain & Sears), the lock switch is indicated by a “padlock icon” When the switch is locked, the green light indicator will be flashing or the words “lock mode” will be present on the display.  When you’re ready to unlock, press and hold the lock button for at least 3 seconds and then let go. the Lock Mode text should disappear. Test your remotes to make sure they are working again. If you’re running an Overhead or Genie garage door opener, the lock switch method is slightly different. The indicator will go off when the locked instead of receiving a flashing light.
  5. We all do this, but it’s really not a good idea; don’t leave your garage door opener remote in your vehicle! Robbers can easily grab this out of a locked car or even break a window to get it. And, if you’ve left the door inside your garage unlocked, you’ve given them easy access.
  6. Keep your home’s access door from inside the garage, locked. It’s a double layer of protection. A robber has to get into your garage and then into your home. If both doors are hard to access, a robber will be deterred. After all, time is of the essence for a thief!
  7. If you have a garage door system keypad on the outside of your garage door. Be sure to change the standard manufacturer lock code. Ask your installer to help you do this. Be sure he doesn’t get the code either. While we hope most garage door installers are as honest as Elite Door Systems, it’s just good practice to keep your code private.
  8. Make sure your garage door system is operating properly. Have your garage door system inspected once a year by a trained professional. We do this all the time at Elite Door Systems. We can ensure your garage door system is operating as it should and recommend necessary garage door repairs if needed.  We can then recommend ways to improve the security & safety of your garage door system and tell you about new technology if you wish to know more.
  9. Last but not least, upgrade your system – Get Smart! You can control your garage door opener with your iphone, ipad, or android phone! On vacation and need to let someone in? No problem. Get instant notifications if your garage door is accessed or if an attempt is made and much more. What better way to protect your home, than to know what’s going on!

If you have questions or need more information about improving the security of your garage door system, call Hector at Elite Door Systems! 760-270-5768. We are here to help and provide you with tips and top-notch garage door service.