The New Year is here! It’s a time to reflect on the old and make plans for the new. It’s also a time for resolutions, those promises we make to ourselves for improving life in the coming year, whether it’s hitting the gym, eating healthier or getting a new job. What about your home and, because it’s a major part of your home, your garage door? Here are some New Year’s resolutions that just happen to line up with the top garage door trends for 2016!

We all know the value of curb appeal, even if you’re not putting your home on the market. First impressions matter! Since your garage door is usually the focal point of your home’s exterior, why not make it count?

Resolution: Give Your Garage Door a Makeover

Maybe it’s not time to totally replace your garage door. But, if it’s looking a little worse for wear, make it over! Clean it up and repair any dings, dents or cracks. You can even give it a new coat of paint, which could bring new life to the exterior look of your home.

This resolution is right in line with our first top trend for 2016: bold colors.

Color impacts our lives in so many ways and the New Year is the time to experiment. Look at your home’s exterior and design a look for your garage door that compliments your home’s colors, but also pops! Your garage door is your canvas; use bold, unique colors to paint a masterpiece that reflects your style and personality.

Resolution: Replace Your Garage Door

If your garage door is due to be replaced – it’s damaged, outdated, doesn’t work well – now is a great time to get a new one! You want a garage door that not only meets all necessary codes, but also is functional and safe. Doing it early gives you more time in the coming year to enjoy it. It will actually help your energy bill when warmer weather comes, as a well-sealed new garage door will keep the cool in and the heat out.

Of course, this resolution fits perfectly with a few more top trends for 2016. The first is: go big.

This one is more easily done if you’re also doing some other home renovations. The idea is to make larger openings, which gives you an even larger canvas for that masterpiece we just discussed. Larger garage doors also stand out, lending greater impact to your home’s visual impression and adding to your curb appeal.

The next trend goes hand-in-hand with the last one: bigger garage doors mean bigger windows.

Depending on your style, making your garage door bigger while keeping the same size windows you used to have may work for you. If not, larger windows have a lot to offer. You can design around the windows for a unique look that is also becoming very popular. Larger garage door windows can even make the inside of your garage better. More light and better views outside… all of these things add up to a great looking home.

Our last top trend for 2016 involves a little illusion: faux wood.

There’s a certain level of sophistication and charm in wooden garage doors. They not only increase your curb appeal, they also increase your home’s value. However, they can also be a huge investment. If your budget gives you dirty looks when you ask about wooden garage doors, you can make it happy again by getting a fiberglass or steel garage door with faux wood finish! All the distinction without the expense! Clopay is a popular brand amount this type of door.

Back to resolutions… Hitting the gym may be on your list. Taking better care of our bodies is one of the key drivers to getting us in the gym after New Year’s Day. What about your garage door system? While it doesn’t need a treadmill, it could benefit from some TLC of its own.

Resolution: Get Your Garage Door a Check-up

Life gets busy and even the best-laid plans often go off the rails. The New Year is the perfect time to call us for a routine maintenance check-up and preventative maintenance.

Ideally, it’s good to have a check-up twice a year, but at least once a year will help keep your garage door in tip-top shape. We’ll find anything that’s not working optimally or that’s about to break so you can head off emergencies by planning for the repairs. We also lubricate your garage door system’s moving parts, make sure bolts and fasteners are secure and test your system’s safety reversal and balance.

Elite Door Systems is ready to help you with all of your New Year’s resolutions! Well, your garage door system New Year’s resolutions! Whether you need help with repairs, need a new door or a routine maintenance check-up, we’re here to help.

All of our door technicians are professional, well trained and experienced. We offer flexible scheduling and the best prices in the business. You’ll never be pressured to buy more than you need and we don’t believe in hidden prices.

We look forward to helping you and wish you a Happy New Year!